Trip to visit reality: The connection of the office and factory

Field trip to the factory is one of the annual activities of Hung Hau Development Joint Stock Company. With the participation of the entire business development board of the company. We visited the production lines of plants such as Vegetables and Fruit (HFV), Fisheries (HAF), Nha Man (HFN). We have direct access to equipment, machines and better understand the production line to be more certain about the quality of the company’s products. Moreover, we directly meet face-to-face with officials and employees in factories, whom we previously only worked via email, phone, ….

The first factory we stopped was the Vegetable and Fruit Factory (HFV), with an area of ​​14,000 m2 and a capacity of 800 tons / month. Going into our factory, we were led by our staff here to visit the stages from the stage of importing materials to finishing products. Everything is arranged neatly.

Our next destination is the Fisheries Factory (HAF), with finished product output of up to 30 tons / day and Pangasius raw materials of 45-50 tons / day. What surprises us here is that the actions of the workers here are very fast and accurate. Anyone who enters the factory is fully protected, tidy and clean to ensure product hygiene. The process is streamlined from raw materials to holy products in a chain of interconnected parts. In addition, we also visited the cold storage of North Wind (HNW) with a capacity of up to 2000 tons but everything here is arranged very neatly, clean in accordance with 5S – Seiri 01 (Screening), Seiton 02 (Sort), Seiso 03 (Clean), Seiketsu 04 (Caring), Shitsuki 05 (Ready). Thanks to the enthusiasm of officials and employees here, we have a better understanding of product types, packaging specifications and production processes.

Nha Man Plant (HFN) is our final destination. With a total area of ​​8,700 m2, a capacity of 1,600 tons / 1 month, 2.5-3 tons / month (day and night at peak time) and products are macaroni, noodles, mainly rice straws. The factory is very clean and airy, the equipment is very new. The ingredients here are mostly natural, so upon entering the factory we were impressed by the aroma of rice and the natural ingredients here. The production process is quite fancy, long straws are hung and dried naturally then cut and closed according to the required size and packaging.

Through this field trip, we learned a lot of new knowledge about the company’s products. Understand the manufacturing processes, the types of machines and technologies applied by the factories. And above all, we have direct discussions with officials and employees at the factory to solve the shortcomings. After this trip, the connection between the office and the factory will be more connected to complete the work in the best way.