Harmony spring – Reunion tet

As the coldness of winter is gradually dissipating, flower buds are gradually blooming, plants are draped in charming young green shirts, signaling a new spring full of vitality and joy. Everyone is happy to welcome a big holiday with the biggest meaning to all Vietnamese people, the Lunar New Year, or the beloved name TET.

TET is a return, TET is a harmony, Tet is a reunion, TET is an opportunity for all Vietnamese people who are living or working anywhere in Vietnam and abroad coming back with their family, grandparents, parents, brothers after a busy working year. All members will be sitting together to talk, share and send best wishes for the new lunar year. This has also become a Vietnamese traditional culture for many generations in Vietnam.

Everyone joys in the happy atmosphere of the TET days on over the country with people are bustling going to shop many kinds of flowers such as pots of yellow apricot, chrysanthemums, … for sales everywhere like adding the beauty  for the country in the spring days.

In that atmosphere, TET is also coming to Hung Hau house with many bustling and happy activities spread to our Hung Hau members. Every year, what all employees are eager to look forward to is the year-end party organized by the company for all Hung Hau’s employees. This is a time for everyone to look back on the operation of the past year. Summarizing the achievements, what has not been done. So that has the new trends for the next year.

Many exciting activities also took place during the New Year’s Day such as folk games, children’s painting area. Especially, the children’s Tet stalls are sold to raise the fund  to help the disadvantaged people to have a warm Tet holiday. In the party, there were colorful music performances by Hung Hau people with songs written specifically for Hung Hau such as Belief of Hung Hau, Heart of Hung Hau …. Especially, the company organized a loading program. Lucky draw with valuable prizes from the Board of Directors such as lucky money, phone, motorbike … as a gratitude to all the efforts in the last year for all employees in the entire applications.

This is also an opportunity for all Hung Hau people to sit together to enjoy the achievements in the past year by honoring the excellent teams and outstanding individuals of the company in the past year. And it is also an opportunity to look back on the pending goals to motivate and strive stronger for the next year.

A new spring is coming with the new joy and excitement for all Hung Hau people working together to achieve the expected results of the assigned goals. Wishing all Hung Hau people and all customers a warm and happy TET with their family.