Dynamic Office: Sharing & Learning

It is found that the working environment much affects to the productivity of entrepreneurs. Specifically, when working in a fixed and closed environment, it is hard to think and create new ideas. On the contrary, a dynamic environment helps you stimulate one’s contribution, mindset and innovation.
Realizing that, Hung Hau has constantly tried to create a healthy, dynamic working environment. Especially, all members’ collaboration and sharing in Hung Hau House make an environment of learning, contribution and development.
We regularly organize discussion meetings in order to share experience together. These discussion meetings are highly appreciated so as to be learned, connected, found the solution for the current problems. Besides, we also share about the market knowledge, competitors and experience of main products to new colleagues: Pangasius, Breaded Octopus, Breaded Shrimp, etc. and discuss other topics. The most exciting part of discussion is debate that help every member have in-depth understanding.
As the result, we have learned more knowledge, experience and collaboration of every member in the teamwork.